Field Dressing:

1.) With deer on its back, make a shallow cut through the skin just below the breastbone. Make sure that you start your cut well away from the brisket allowing plenty of uncut skin for your shoulder mount. Insert two (2) fingers of the free hand, cradling the blade, to hold the skin up and away from the entrails. (See figure A)

2.) Cut straight down the belly and around the genitals, separating but not severing them from the abdominal wall. Slit the belly skin all the way to the pelvic bone. (See Figure B)

3.) Cut deeply around the rectum, being careful not to cut off or puncture the intestine. Pull to make sure the rectum is separated form tissue connecting it to the pelvic canal. Pull the rectum out and tie string tightly around it to prevent droppings from touching the meat. Lift the animal's back quarter a bit, reach into the front of the pelvic canal, and pull the intestine and connected rectum into the stomach area.

4.) If you want to make a full shoulder mount, do not cut open
the chest cavity. Cut the diaphragm away from the ribs all
the way to the backbone area. Reach into the forward chest
cavity, find the esophagus and windpipe, cut them off as far
up as possible (Figure C), and pull them down through
the chest.

5.) Roll the deer onto its side, grab the esophagus with one
hand and the rectum/intestine with the other. Pull hard. The
deer's internal organs will come out in one big package with
minimum mess.